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Audiovisual crew and DVD label ADDICTIVE TV are curating an exhibition of cutting edge AV (audiovisual) work produced for their television and DVD projects. The exhibition explores the synergistic relationship between music and visuals, focusing on AV mixes - bridging the gaps between cinema, club culture and the digital arts scene. Featured work will include film remixes from Addictive TV's ongoing Mixmasters project, and classic and cult films that have been re-edited, re-soundtracked and reworked into ten minute AV remixes. These include Akira Kurosawa's epic Seven Samurai, Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn thriller Charade and George A Romero's zombie classic Night of the Living Dead.

This exhibition will feature Addictive TV's own work alongside that of some of the world's leading AV artists, VJs, DJs and music producers. From the UK, featured artists include Giles Thacker (Orbital's resident animator & VJ) with The Mellowtrons, Si Begg and Robin Mahoney as the Noodles Foundation and Exceeda, winners of the 2003 Diesel-U-Music VJ award. From further afield is work by US artists DJ Spooky and AV pioneer Brian Kane (Emergency Broadcast Network), plus key figures on the Japanese VJ scene Glamoove (creators of the Motion Dive VJ software) and Gooddy. From mainland Europe - German AV gurus Bauhouse and French award winning short film directors and VJs Metronomic.

London based Addictive TV are a unique group of visuals artists, creative editors, DJs, VJs and producers who have emerged as a key part of the global VJ and AV community, giving artists worldwide a platform with their television and DVD projects and screenings at film, music and digital arts festivals worldwide.

Thurs 29 Jan 2004 TALK: ADDICTIVE TV Graham Daniels of Addictive TV will give a unique insight into their way of doing things, taking questions and showing examples of their work, including extracts from their other ground-breaking television and DVD projects Transambient for Channel 4 and Sci-Fi's remixed NASA archive series Spaced Out. He'll also outline the development/rise to prominence of VJs (visuals jockeys) and AV (audiovisual) artists across the world.

A digital exhibition
Ort: ICA Digital Studio, The Mall, London, SW1

AV & VJ work by Giles Thacker, The Mellowtrons , Si Begg, Exceeda , Paul D. Miller, Brian Kane, Bauhouse , Metronomic  ...