press release

Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven
30.05.2015 - 12.07.2015
Official Opening: Friday 29.05.2015 20:00

The Kalashnikov is an iconic weapon. The silhouette is very recognizable, particularly due to the curved magazine at the bottom. The efficiency and the ability to use it in almost all circumstances, makes the AK 47 a global symbol. Images abound from child soldiers to freedom fighters parading and posing for photos with this machine gun. It has found its way onto flags and tattoos. Through its recognition, the image also serves as a symbol against the established order. Time for reflection and discussion. How does an artist deal this symbol?

Participating artists:
Stef Fridael, Anthony Kleinepier, GTVR, Victor Sonna, Joshua Rutgers, Lody van Dulken, Daniel Wechsler, Nick J. Swarth, Sjoerd van Lankveld, Goof Salimans, Rient van Tiggelaar, Freek M. Willems, Lucia Sotnikova, Imke Brunzema, Fieke van Berkom, Jordy Koevoets, Yosvany Malagon, Jan Willem Campmans, Daniel Djamo, David Marszewski, Joseph Huot, Erik Vermeulen, Paul Verwilligen, Munne, Luk Sponselee, Dennis Voorkennis, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert, Art van Triest, Joyce Overheul, Sierk van Meeuwen, Tom Velthuis, Toos Nijssen, Grafische Ongehoorzaamheid and Klaus Pinter