Museu Berardo, Lisbon

1449-003 Lisbon

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Opening : Monday 15  September 2008 at 7.30 p.m.

In 2005, La Criée Centre for Contemporary Art initiated a programme of residencies, art events and exhibitions in EU cities along the Atlantic Arc.

Under the terms of the programme one or more French artists are invited to come up with a project that will circulate from one city to another. Over a minimum period of two years, La Criée will ask artists to actively explore European territoriality and the establishment of creative networks. 

Alexandre Perigot's contribution is the PIPEDREAM project, named firstly after those castles in Spain or false hopes we call "pipe dreams"; and indirectly after the proliferation of pipes that allow for flows of energy, utilities and material goods between countries as they endlessly redraw the world's borders.

His output gives expression to paradoxical stances towards art and society. Generating creative friction between popular culture and the history of art, Perigot creates critical, aesthetically and politically quirky works. 

After PIPEDREAM 1 at Tramway in Glasgow, then PIPEDREAM 2 at the Art 1 Essai gallery and Rennes School of Art, the third episode, in Lisbon, will provide a Perigot retrospective from 1993 up to the present. 

His works give rise to endless flows of images that remould today's international geopolitical issues. But the artist is also very interested in the image's power to seduce. Using stars' homes, video games, rock concerts and movie references, Perigot spreads his enormous installations through the Museu Colleção Berardo, offering the viewer the means to probe the conditions governing the production and perception of images. 

A joint venture by the Museu Colleção Berardo in Lisbon (Portugal), La Criée Centre for contemporary Art in Rennes (France), Tramway in Glasgow (Scotland) and Arsenal in Bialystok (Poland)

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Alexandre Perigot
Pipedream 3