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Analog Animation presents recent work by 18 emerging artists who animate their drawings largely with “old-fashioned,” hand-drawn animation techniques rather than digital media. Analog Animation will highlight a wide array of inventive animated works presented in a continuous projected loop and four site-specific installations. The artists use such disparate media as collage, imprints, silhouettes, light gels, and sliding window shades to create series of moving and transforming images that foreground the artist’s hand and the act of drawing, rather than employ digital manipulation. The exhibition, curated through The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program, is part of the ongoing Selections series.


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Analog Animation: Selections Spring 2006

mit Heather Boaz, Brett Budde, Deborah Davidovits, Almut Determeyer, John Dooley, Magdalena Fernandez, Mark Fox, Eunjung Hwang, Shin il Kim, Anna Kiraly, Kakyoung Lee, Jennifer Macdonald, Liza McConnell, Oscar Muñoz, Serge Onnen, Hans Op de Beeck, Linda Pella, David Virgien