press release

Cubitt is proud to present 'The Soundtrack', the first UK solo exhibition by the acclaimed Swedish artist Annika Eriksson (b.1956).

Comprised of a specially commissioned film and light-box work, 'The Soundtrack' presents us with a musician in search of a band, and the substitute he finds in the shrinking public spaces of London's streets. We see a young man sat at a drum kit placed on an anonymous thoroughfare, a potential stage actualized and particularized by his presence. Although he is unaccompanied by other musicians, he does not play alone. Instead, the sonic landscape of the city conspires in his performance, its trains, cars, and sirens driving and perhaps even responding to his improvised beats. We might imagine this urban concert as both a protest at disappearing freedoms, and a celebration of those that we eke out in the places we least expect. We might, too, see it as a meditation on the way in which a city might interact with its inhabitants, outside the authoritarian stuff of surveillance and zoning. Eriksson's drummer, we know, is in search of a band. Is the London of 'The Soundtrack' in search of a drummer?

Currently based in Berlin, Eriksson has exhibited in a large number of solo and group exhibitions across the world. Her recent shows and projects include: 'Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie', Gasworks London & Platform Garanti, Istanbul (2006/7); Berlin-Tokyo / Tokyo-Berlin, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin & Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2006); 'Games Machine', IASPIS at the 51st Venice Biennale (2005); 'You Only Live Twice', Man in the Holocene, London (2005); 'Do You Want and Audience?', Frieze Art Fair Projects, London (2004). Her upcoming projects include a solo show at DADD, Berlin (autumn 2007), and commissions for Kings Cross Station (autumn 2007) and Regent's Park (summer 2008).

Annika Eriksson
The Soundtrack
Kurator: Tom Morton