press release

Brent Sikkema Gallery and Lawrence Rubin Greenberg Van Doren Fine Art are pleased to present Another Country: The Constructed Landscape, a multi-venue group exhibition of landscape drawings and paintings organized by artist and curator Augusto Arbizo.

Contrary to the notion of painting en plein air, many of the artists in the exhibition construct their landscapes in the studio and are inspired by markedly different ideas, including memory, science fiction, suburbia, surrealism, popular culture, and the actual practice of painting. What is particularly interesting is their concept of place as a reference for travel, fantasy and escape.

The paintings in the exhibition range from the abstracted landscapes of British artist Merlin James and New York artist Brad Kahlhamer, to the representational fantasylands of California based painters Adam Ross and Sharon Ellis, to the quiet countryside imaginings of Cameron Martin and Maureen Gallace. The intriguing relationship between these artists is how they explore, travel, and subvert the traditional genre of landscape.

Another Country - The Constructed Landscape
curated by Augusto Arbizo

Kate Bright, Verne Dawson, Steve DiBenedetto, Benjamin Edwards, Sharon Ellis, Maureen Gallace, Klaus Hartmann, Colin Hunt, Merlin James, Brad Kahlhamer, Eva Lundsager, Cameron Martin, Carol Rhodes, Jennifer Reeves, Alexis Rockman, Adam Ross, Michelle Segre, Eric Wolf