press release

This exhibition gathers the works of several international artists who are engaged in an examination of the sedimentation of time in highly codified cultural forms, which range from day-to-day objects to the configuration of the world around us. One of the thematic axes concentrates on the idea of an archaeology with different historical aesthetic forms, cohabiting in the hearts of recent artistic practices. Cinema, architecture and design make their appearance here. Instead of revising the vast archive of history in a linear fashion, the artists participating centre on moments in culture that refer to different forms of historicity. Style as residue is a carrier of the ideology of time, dissolving the historical in the aesthetic, halfway between timelessness and periodisation.

This show will receive the support of the Danish Arts Council, the Foro Cultural Austria in Madrid and the British Council.

Archaeologies of the Future
Kurator: Peio Aguirre

mit Martin Beck, Carol Bove, Dora Garcia, Mathias Poledna, Pia Rönicke