press release

This year ARTfutures will be particularly artist-centred. The selection is led by independent curator Jeni Walwin and artist Nicky Hirst. To emphasise the curatorial aspect of the project whilst at the same time extending the boundaries of the show, a number of distinguished artists have been invited to nominate other artists and to contribute work themselves. The resulting exhibition will once again offer a snapshot of contemporary practice - embracing a wide variety of media drawn from the entire spectrum of the artistic profession - from artists who have recently graduated to those who have substantial reputations.

The press and the public are beginning to recognise what many collectors have known for years – that ARTfutures is distinct from art fairs, in that it is one of the few showcases where each individual work is handpicked by specialists. Following wide-ranging research throughout the year, the Contemporary Art Society not only chooses each artist, but also identifies the particular art works during studio visits. This degree of quality control is unrivalled, making ARTfutures the most exciting introduction to contemporary artists’ practice. Throughout its history ARTfutures has worked closely with hundreds of contemporary artists; the vital funds generated for the Contemporary Art Society’s charitable mission would not be possible without the profound generosity of artists and galleries over the years.

ARTfutures 2008

Künstler: Pio Abad, Jananne Al-Ani, Ed Allington, Salvatore Arancio, Charles Avery, Alex Baker, Darren Banks, Beagles & Ramsay, Zadok Ben-David, Simon & Tom Bloor, Brass Art, Artists Anonymous, G. L. Brierley, Matt Calderwood, Jacob Cartwright, Toby Christian, Declan Clarke, Ruth Claxton, Marcus Coates, Liz Collini, Susan Collis, Michael Craig-Martin, Andrew Cross, Simon Cunningham, Layla Curtis, Dexter Dalwood, Kaori Dan, Jeffrey Dennis, Sean Edwards, Giles Eldridge, Tim Etchells & Vlatka Horvat, Simon Faithfull, Peter Finnemore, Laura Ford, Matt Franks, Margarita Gluzberg, Rachel Goodyear, Tommy Grace, Mark Gubb, Nathalie Guinamard, Graham Gussin, Tim Head, Melanie Jackson, Jackson Webb, Tess Jaray, juneau/projects/, Anish Kapoor, David Kefford, Karin Khilberg & Reuben Henry, Penny Klepuszewska, Karen Knorr, Tim Knowles, Shay Kun, Rannva Kunoy, Langlands & Bell, Julia Langley, Leo , Rory Macbeth, Oswaldo Macia, Alastair Mackie, Sara MacKillop, Matt & Ross, Jeff McMillan, Sarah Michael, Heather & Ivan Morison, Stephen Nelson, Harold Offeh, Eamon O´Kane, Julian Opie, Robert Orchardson, Uriel Orlow, Sally Osborn, Gyan Panchal, Andy Parker, Katie Paterson, PaulMart , Ana Prada, Elizabeth Price, Kieren Reed, Clunie Reid, Magali Reus, Frances Richardson, Boo Ritson, Keith Roberts, Danny Rolph, Gideon Rubin, Zineb Sedira, DJ Simpson, Jane Simpson, Shaan Syed, Tatham & O´Sullivan, Roy Voss, Ben Washington, Jen Wei Kuo, Bedwyr Williams, Keith Wilson, John Wood / Paul Harrison