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ARTssima, The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin is coming soon. The 12th edition will take place from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th : a 3 days trip beyond the border of contemporary to see the most advanced tendencies, to know the outstanding names and those who will be soon on a world-wide stage.

MAIN GALLERIES >152 art galleries selected among the most relevant in the world, coming from 19 countries, represent the core of the Fair. Among the new exhibitors, the participation of American galleries is particularly consistent, not only from New York, but from the west coast too.

PRESENT FUTURE >10 special projects created by young artists expressly for the Fair and selected by five international curators - Patrick Charpenel, Emma Dexter, Massimiliano Gioni, Heike Munder, Rochelle Steiner.

NEW ENTRIES >21 avant-garde galleries, all established after 2000 and new to Artissima, selected by the Board of Directors.

CONSTELLATIONS >8 large size artworks, on display in different areas scattered within the Fair, selected by the Fair’s Scientific Committee – Maxwell L. Anderson, Ida Gianelli, Pier Giovanni Castagnoli.

CONVERSATIONS & WORKSHOPS >This year the discussion will focus on a very essential question: "Art in the age of mechanical consumption: is originality the next casualty?" through three conversations with museum directors, curators and artists such as Carlos Basualdo, Iwona Blazwick, Dieter Schwarz, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Ricardo Basbaum, Bruna Esposito, Rita McBride, Cesare Pietroiusti, Annie Ratti, Grazia Toderi, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Lawrence Weiner. The programme, under the direction of the Scientific Committee, will include as well a conversation with artists and “correspondents” of T1, the Turin Triennial Thremuseums, and three workshops on very topical subjects in contemporary art.

ACQUISITIONS >As from many years the city’s museums and foundations have been purchasing works of art at Artissima for their permanent collections. The same acquisitions’ policy has already been confirmed for the 2005 Fair’s edition by public and art institutions. Among them Fondazione CRT has already announced a purchase fund of euros 400,000. The members of the prestigious Fondazione CRT Scientific Committee, responsible for the selection of the artworks – Sir Nicholas Serota, Rudi Fuchs, David Ross, Ida Gianelli and Pier Giovanni Castagnoli - will attend Artissima in order to decide the acquisitions.

IN THE CITY >Turin, a city devoted on the whole to contemporary art in November, on the occasion of Artissima 12 will host outstanding events such us: the opening of T1, Turin Triennial Thremuseums (the new young artists Triennial), Luci d’artista, light installations by renowned artists, Saturday Night Art Fever, the special art galleries’ night opening and many other relevant exhibitions in museums and public art spaces.

ART GALLERIES - MAIN SECTION 1000 Eventi Milan, 1301PE Los Angeles, 41 artecontemporanea Turin, Analix Forever Geneva, Paul Andriesse Amsterdam, Alfonso Artiaco Naples, Artra Milan, Astuni Fano-Pietrasanta, b&d tomasorenoldibracco Milan, Baronian-Francey Brussels, Baumet Sultana Paris, Giampiero Biasutti Turin, Biasutti & Biasutti Turin, Blu Milan, Blum & Poe Los Angeles, Bonomo Bari-Rome, Paolo Boselli Brussels, Bowie Van Valen Amsterdam, Cà di Frà Milan, Cardelli & Fontana Sarzana, Cardi & Co. Milan, Carlina Turin, Castello di Rivara Rivara-Turin, Changing Role Naples, Ciocca Milan, Antonio Colombo Milan, Continua San Gimignano-Beijing, CORSOVENEZIAOTTO Milan, Cosmic Paris, Kathleen Cullen New York, Sorcha Dallas Glasgow, Magda Danysz Paris, Massimo De Carlo Milan, Umberto Di Marino Naples-Giugliano, Dina4 Projekte Munich, Dukan&Hourdequin Marseille, e/static Turin, Estro Padova, Fabjbasaglia Rimini, Finesilver San Antonio TX, Flach Stockholm, Emi Fontana Milan, Gagliardi Art System Turin, Galica Milan, Annet Gelink Amsterdam, Gentili Montecatini-terme, Groeflin | Maag Basel, Enrique Guerrero Mexico D.F., Guidi & Schoen Genoa, Reinhard Hauff Stuttgart, Hauser & Wirth Zurich-London, IN ARCO Turin, Alison Jacques London, francesca kaufmann Milan, kbk Mexico D.F., KLERKX Milan, Johann König Berlin, Kosak Hall Vienna, Lumen Travo Amsterdam, Luxardo Rome, maccarone inc. New York, Magazzino d'Arte Moderna Rome, Giò Marconi Milan, Marella Milano-Beijing, Franco Masoero Turin, Maze Turin, Mazzoleni Turin, METIS_NL Amsterdam, Meyer Riegger Karlsruhe, Massimo Minini Brescia, Pio Monti Rome, magnus müller Berlin, Murata & Friends Berlin, Pari Nadimi Toronto, Newman Popiashvili New York, Nicola Fornello Prato, Franco Noero Turin, Marco Noire San Sebastiano-Turin, Nordenhake Berlin-Stockholm, Giti Nourbakhsch Berlin, Oddi Baglioni Rome, Lorcan O'Neill Rome, OREDARIA Rome, Palma Dotze Vilafranca Del Penedès, Fabio Paris Brescia, Alberto Peola Turin, Giorgio Persano Turin, Perugi Padova, Photo & Contemporary Turin, Photology Milan, Pinksummer Genoa, play_gallery for still and motion pictures Berlin, Gregor Podnar Ljubljana, Poggiali e Forconi Florence, Praz-Delavallade Paris, PROMETEO Lucca, Raucci/Santamaria Naples, Almine Rech Paris, Franco Riccardo Naples, Sonia Rosso Turin, Lia Rumma Naples-Milan, RX Paris, S.A.L.E.S. Rome, Kenny Schachter Rove London, Mimmo Scognamiglio Naples, Suzy Shammah Milan, Side 2 Tokyo, Škuc Ljubljana, Francosoffiantino Turin, Spazia Bologna-Minerbio, Studio Legale Caserta, Suppan Vienna, Jiri Svestska Prague, T293 Naples, Tal Esther Tel Aviv, Ermanno Tedeschi Turin-Milan, The Breeder Athens, TUCCI RUSSO Torre Pellice, Upstairs Berlin, V.M.21 Rome, van Gelder Amsterdam, VITAMIN Turin, Max Wigram London, ZERO Milan, Zonca & Zonca Milan

PRESENT FUTURE >Christina Benz, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery London; Michael Beutler, Francosoffiantino Turin; David Casini, Analix Forever Geneva; Jeremy Deller, Art : Concept Paris; Amie Dicke, Diana Stigter Amsterdam; Christoph Draeger, magnus müller Berlin; Igor Eškinja, Federico Luger Milan; Dirk Heerklotz, büro für kunst Dresden; Niamh O'Malley, Green On Red Dublin; Ozmo & Abbominevole, 1000 Eventi Milan

NEW ENTRIES >AP4-ART Geneva, Artificial Madrid, Guido W. Baudach Berlin, Blindarte Naples, Isabella Bortolozzi Berlin, Braverman-By Art Projects Tel Aviv, Conner Washington D.C., extraspazio Rome, Garash Mexico D.F., Anna Helwing Los Angeles, Herald St London, Eva Hober Paris, LAURIN Zurich, Luxe New York, MC Los Angeles, Monitor Rome, Lizabeth Oliveria Los Angeles, francescopantaleone Palermo, Parker's Box New York, PORTE 11 Brussels, vamiali's Athens

CONSTELLATIONS >Giovanni Anselmo, Dove le stelle si avvicinano di una spanna in più mentre la terra si orienta, 2004 / Botto & Bruno, Disappearing factory, 2005 / Gilbert & George, Brick Lane, 2004 / Andreas Gursky, May day IV, 2000 / Hans Peter Kuhn, Advertising, 2005 / Eva Marisaldi, Disegni persi, 1996 / Mike Nelson, A staging of the reconstruction of the Southern Palace of Babylon, 1993/2005 / Arcangelo Sassolino, Attrito continuo, 2004

BOARD OF DIRECTORS >Chiara Bersi Serlini, Hauser & Wirth gallery, London-Zurich / Bruno Delavallade, Praz-Delavallade gallery, Paris / Enrique Guerrero, Enrique Guerrero gallery, Mexico D.F. / Francesca Kaufmann, francesca kaufmann gallery, Milan / Michèle Maccarone, maccarone inc. gallery, New York / Massimo Minini, Massimo Minini gallery, Brescia / Giti Nourbakhsch, Giti Nourbakhsch gallery, Berlin / Franco Noero, Franco Noero gallery, Turin

ADVISORY BOARD >Matt Aberle, Los Angeles / Marc and Josée Gensollen, Marseille / Maurizio Morra Greco, Naples / Gregory Papadimitriou, Athens / Matteo and Bruna Viglietta, Busca-Cuneo


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Artissima 12 - The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin
Lingotto Fiere Torino / Lingotto Trade Fair Centre

"Present Future section"
KünstlerInnen: Ozmo & Abbominevole, Christina Benz, Michael Beutler, David Casini, Jeremy Deller, Amie Dicke, Christoph Draeger, Igor Eskinja, Dirk Heerklotz, Niamh O´Malley