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Concurrently, in the Hessel Museum of Art, CCS Bard presents At Home/Not At Home: Works from the Collection of Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg. Curated by White Columns director and CCS Bard faculty member Matthew Higgs, the exhibition includes major works by more than 100 artists including Kai Althoff, Jeremy Deller, Peter Doig, David Hammons, Mary Heilmann, Elizabeth Peyton, and Rirkrit Tiravanija.

At Home/Not At Home is an exhibition of works drawn from the collection of Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg. Based in Westchester County, in the northern suburbs of New York City, the Eisenbergs have, over the past 20 years, organically and intuitively assembled one of the most idiosyncratic collections of contemporary art in the United States. At any given time, the Eisenbergs and their family live with some 500 works of art in their unprepossessing suburban home. Densely installed in almost every available space, from the children's bedrooms to the family's den, in a manner not unlike the 19th-century salons, theirs is a collection that is lived with and negotiated on a daily basis.

The exhibition's title, At Home/Not At Home, is also the title of a 1982 recording by the Belgian musician Wim Mertens's group Soft Verdict. In the context of this exhibition, the title alludes to two distinct types of social space: private space ("At Home"), and public space ("Not At Home"). This threshold between the private domain and the public realm is at the heart of the exhibition, which temporarily displaces artworks from a private suburban residential setting and restages them in the form of an exhibition in the public galleries of the Hessel Museum of Art.

At Home/Not At Home
Kurator: Matthew Higgs

Künstler: Kai Althoff, Jeremy Deller, Peter Doig, David Hammons, Mary Heilmann, Elizabeth Peyton, Rirkrit Tiravanija, ...