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Angela McRobbie is Professor of Communications at Goldsmiths College London. She is author of various books on young women, gender and popular culture, and fashion as culture industry. She is currently working on two research projects, one on Post Feminism and the Undoing of Politics, the other on Creative Labour. She is a regular contributor in the UK media (press and radio) on gender issues. Keynote Speakers: / (Chicago). And a video-contribution by Harun Farocki (Berlin). The symposium „Atelier Europa: Creative Labour in New Cultural Economies, is conceived of as an Anglo-German focused dialogue which seeks to investigate the relationship between the cultural-political conditions of the current social-democratic governments and the field of self-organised cultural production. One aspect of this investigation will be the current transformations and conflicts that can be seen to reside within this relationship. The focus of the conference will be on the patterns of work and life in the cultural industries, ethnic and gender-specific roles and opportunities in the area of culture, and the significance of value creation and economic efficiency for cultural production. The general questions for discussion will be „How can flexibility among cultural producers be promoted without advocating the neo-liberal system? What is the social use of creative labour?"

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Exhibition / Symposium
initiiert von Marion von Osten und Angela McRobbie

Teilnehmende Kulturelle Produzenten: AnbauNeuMitte , Be Creative! , Claudia Blum, Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster, Renate Lorenz, Armin Chodzinski, El Sueno Collectivo , Fabrics Interseason , Julian Göthe, Carles Guerra, Justin Hoffmann, Brian Holmes, Judith Hopf, Mona Kuschel, Isabell Lorey, Michaela Melián, Marion von Osten, NameGame , p.a.p.  (Les précaires associés de Paris), Precarias a la Deriva , Rene Pollesch, Katharina Pühl, Katja Reichard, Christiane Rösinger, teampingpong , Marina Vishmidt, Antek Walczak / Bernadette Corporation 

Vortragende: Bakri Bakhit, Beatrice von Bismarck, Ulrich Bröckling, Heinz Bude, Susan Christopherson, Andrea Ellmeier, Boris Ewenstein, Harun Farocki, Paul Du Gay, Moritz Gimbel, Sylvia Harvey, Scott Lash, Graham Murdock, Sean Nixon, Marion von Osten, Dominic Power, Saskia Sassen