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The first in-depth museum show of its kind, Baja to Vancouver (B2V) surveys recent art from the western edge of the United States, Canada, and Baja California, Mexico. Unlike a regional biennial, B2V is organized as a focused survey, gathering together representational artworks that engage with this region's social, cultural, and physical landscapes.

The thirty-three artists in this exhibition use popular forms and genres—landscape and portraiture, vernacular signage and music videos. Deceptively casual in appearance, their work thoughtfully reinterprets myths and reexamines cliches related to West Coast cultures, from the First Nations tribes of British Columbia to the contemporary youth tribes of Los Angeles and San Francisco.


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Baja to Vancouver (B2V)

mit Michael Brophy, Delia Brown, Brian Calvin, Russell Crotty, Trisha Donnelly, Stan Douglas, Roman de Salvo, Sam Durant, Thomas Eggerer, Kota Ezawa, Harrell Fletcher, Evan Holloway, Chris Johanson, Miranda July, Brian Jungen, Tim Lee, Scott Livingstone, Ken Lum, Liz Magor, Matt McCormick, Roy McMakin, Mark Mumford, Shannon Oksanen, Michelle O´Marah, Marcos Ramirez Erre, Glenn Rudolph, Steven Shearer, Catherine Sullivan, Larry Sultan, Ron Terada, Althea Thauberger, Torolab , Yvonne Venegas