press release

MOGADISHNI CPH is proud to present the solo exhibition by the American artist Beau Chamberlain: Sometimes. Chamberlain works with paintings and his technical refined works can be found somewhere between the abstract and the figurative in their combination of individual botanical and organic details placed in an undefined space where the background often is filled with rich pastel shades. Chamberlain doesn’t work on canvases but on wooden panels upon which the motives are depicted with a remarkable attention to details and where the individual parts collectively form a spherical, romantic universe characterized by a certain ease in the expression. With a way of seeing which borders on macro-zoom Chamberlain examines not only the leaves of nature but also its plants, leaves and small animals but also its peculiar forms of mutation. The viewer is given an insight into a playful, poetic world with swimming turtles, floating butterflies and trees upside down. The motives are scrupulously “hung” on the surface like “festoons” which dexterously drift together in a neat rhythm.

In the exhibition Sometimes Chamberlain shows new paintings which are an extension of the artists´ continual exploration of the rich detailing of nature. Added to the works “still-life”-like expression are light movements and a distinctive “flow” which sends one’s eye floating into a weightless sphere populated by empty cocoons, hollow trees, tiny winged animals and spherical poetry. The works are characterized by something calming and soothing while a number of additional layers are hidden behind the elegant composed flow of details – layers which only are revealed on closer inspection.

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Beau Chamberlain: Sometimes