press release

"Berlin Non Objective" is the first of a two part exhibition project, as an exchange between SNO [Sydney Non Objective] and L´oiseau présente, an artist run project space in Berlin with an focus on abstraction. "Berlin Non Objective" shows a wide selection of abstract artists living and working in Berlin, organised by Nicola Stäglich. All of the artists in "Berlin Non Objective" share the interest in the materiality of color, the condition of the image and its support, visability of the working process, the conceptual undepinnings of either formal art practices and / or the negation of such terms . Each artist presents their own approach: from formal painting on canvas, contrasted with works using materials such as fabric, wood, styropor, aluminium and wall objects. Aspects of the geometric, organic and informal abstraction are standing vital next to each other to develop a multileveled relationship between the artist and artworks. Instead of the arguement for one sole claim of a one direction, the show focuses on aspects of the expanison of the abstract image in physical space.

supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department

only in german

Berlin Non Objective

Eva Berendes, Katja Brinkmann, Torben Giehler, Mani Hammer, Christian Hoischen, Isabel Kerkermeier, Shila Khatami, Frank Maier, Bertold Mathes, Bernd Ribbeck, Gunna Schmidt, Anja Schwörer, Nicola Stäglich, Anke Völk, Jens Wolf.