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The Concept: The title Values is primarily meant to suggest an analysis of the idea of the inherent value of things, their often immeasurable aspect, which is, by definition, "one of the basic categories of a human being." We believe in the importance of examining the issue from a philosophical point of view, in the context of the international and local economies and also from the point of view of the evaluation of contemporary art and its ability to speak of universal values.

In the last decade or so, the former Yugoslavia and Serbia in particular have suffered an unprecedented series of interrelated crises – a war characterized by ethnic cleansing, political dictatorship, the rise of nationalism and religious extremism, numerous politically motivated assassinations, a population exodus, corruption, hyperinflation, international embargo, the NATO bombing campaign and a status quo regarding the country's current borders. This state of chaos spread to all segments of society, including art and culture, resulting in the degradation of all moral, intellectual and economic values.

In these circumstances, the Serbian art scene remained isolated, disorganized and divided into conservatives close to nationalist circles and those who were desirous of seeing the country open up to the world.

In view of the above examples, I believe that it is important to examine the question of "values" in Serbia today.

Certainly, the issue is relevant in other countries as well, since it is far more complex and delicate than any idea of "nations" or "nationalism" and goes far beyond any regional crisis. It concerns living beings and inanimate things, material qualities as well as ideals. The problems of the modern world – terrorism, pollution, poverty, overpopulation, the excessive accumulation of consumer goods – are sufficient in themselves to justify an investigation of fundamental and universal values.