press release

With LIGHT LIGHT Birgit Jensen shows in her fourth solo exhibition at Lehr Contemporary Art new works in which she deals with the genre of landscape and the confrontation of the viewer to the image apart. Jensen's work is about the perception of the human eye and the start-up of memory processes. Her new works challenge the viewer to stop for a moment. They reveal themselves slowly and sustainably as opposed to a flooded world of images that constantly puts us in their insatiable frenzy for speed under time pressure. Delay is here a strategy of image viewing. What initially looks like moth-eaten gradually changes into the view of a starry night sky. The agglomeration of points of light gives the impression of a ring glittered, strangely unreal and yet evocative spaciousness. The wistful look on the heavens and on the infinity of the sky has always been a fabulous screen for dreams and fantasies. In Jensens work the difference between reality and fiction is physically noticeable. The viewer must be positioned to the image, he must change his distance to it. From near the comical