Guelman Gallery, Moskau

Malaja Poljanka Straße, 7/7, Bau 5
109180 Moscow

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M.Guelman Gallery has the honor to present the restrospective exhibition of the classic of european conceptualism Braco Dimitrijevic.

Braco Dimitrijevic was born in Saraevo (Croatia) in 1948, lives and works in Paris. During his artistic career more then 120 personal exhibitions were held all over the world, including Tate Gallery (London), State Russian Museum (St.-Petersburg), Musee D'Orsay (Paris).

Until recently the artist has not been presented in Russia. His debut in Moscow took place at ArtMoscow 2005 (in the frames of M.Guelman Gallery program) followed by the exhibition in the State Russian Museum organized with contribution of the Guelman Gallery.

The exhibition that our gallery has the pleasure to open in its own halls on M.Polyanka is the 1st retrospective of Braco Dimitrievic in Russia. It includes the videoprojection and photo prints - the documentation of the installations that the artist created in the period of 1978-2005. These are the ones that were the starting point of his carreer, as well as those that made him famous and the last ones are the photos made at the exhibition in the Russian Museum which was open just several days ago.


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Braco Dimitrijevic: Triptychos Post Historicus (1978-2005)