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Vilma Gold is pleased to present the first London solo exhibition by Brock Enright. Enttiled Raising Dead Mothers the exhibition comprises of new video, performance and sculpture.

Since 2002 the New York based artist, Brock Enright, has become renowned for his, executive, bespoke kidnappings. What began with a series of petty thrill-seeking adventures with close friends has quickly grown into a viable commercial enterprise that specialises in tailormade experiences of 'safe' fear.

Every abduction is different and specific to the personal requirements of the client / victim. To achieve this Enright insists onpreliminary consultations with the potential victims: to gain a sense of their psychological fears and to work out the basic ingredients that will produce maximum terror. Prior to any abduction Enright and his lawyer prepare legal agreements that outline each party's level of responsibility. Through this contract Enright and his team of hijackers, who he refers to as his 'birds', are given the power to abuct victims at any will. One client describes the thrill as 'not knowing where or when'. Clients are often taken away for an unspecified period of incarcerartion that can last for days even weeks or until a code word is given. People pay thousands of dollars at a time for Enright's unique services. His clients are by no means sinlge visitors rather he enjoys a worryingly healthy flow of repeat customers.

Whilst Enright's activities reach beyond acts of abduction his work continually exposes the grotesque perversions found in advanced capitalisim. Semagoediv is a computer games company that Enrright founded ten years ago. The aim of the company is again the offer tailormade products that shamlessly explore an individuals personal perversions. In a curly font and at the bottom of the Semagoediv's homepage sit the 'Find'm, Blind'm, and Bind'm'. In 2001 Enright directed his first stage adaptation of the infamous American porn film Debbie Does Dallas . Similar to Enright's other projects this production can be seen as a melting away of the barriers between vouyerism and experince. A continual challenge to the ehtical state of a consummer society through the demand and desire of products that promise to fullfil the quest for authentic experience.

Born in 1976, Brock Enright currently lives and works in New York. Since graduating in 2001 from the MFA program at Columbia University Brock Enright has exhibited widely in museums, galleries, theatres and the internet. Most notably his work has been included in Greater New York Show , PS1, New York, Scream , The Moore Space, Miam & Anton Kern Gallery, New York, Expander , The Royal Acamedy of Art, London, The Horror of Art , Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, 3-Person Show , PS1, New York and Dismal Garden , American Fine Arts, New York. In 2006 Enright will have his first solo exhibition at a major American institution at LAX, Los Angeles.


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Brock Enright: Raising Dead Mothers