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The Showroom is delighted to present a new commission by London-based artist Caroline Achaintre. Achaintre’s tufted rugs and drawings depicting portraits of goth-metal icons push the interface of subcultural styles and the boundaries of sculptural form.

Achaintre’s work has been described as ‘portraiture of near monsters’, as a result of her use of the twisted and glamourised imagery from horror films and heavy metal bands such as, Slipknot. The juxtaposition of the dark, brooding subject matter associated with horror and heavy metal and the aesthetic lightness of the watercolours echo in their form the sensitivity of the goth myth teenage scene and their attraction and cultivation of representation of brutal and nihilistic fantasy.

This results in an odd tension between content and form, and sees Achaintre playing with aesthetic forms. For example, her woodcuts, a form traditionally associated with Expressionism, communicate the intense emotional stuff of the subject matter, are thrown into stark relief by the visually seductive and light imagery of the watercolours they accompany.

Caroline Achaintre is a French/German artist based in London. Her tufted rugs and drawings often depict portraits of the disordered and grotesque deriving from nu metal celebrities and characters of horror films.


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Caroline Achaintre