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The long-awaited return of key works by Chris Burden, last seen together during his solo exhibition at Magasin 3 in 1999. Each work explores technological solutions for moving the human body through space. The remarkable B-Car, designed and hand-built by Burden himself in 1975, is on display alongside two of his bridges constructed out of metal components from toy building kits. All works are part of Magasin 3's permanent collection.

Publication: This autumn we begin work on a publication about B-Car, compiling all the unique material—sketches, texts, photos, and articles—that documents the evolution of the work. This material is also included as part of the exhibition.

Chris Burden (born Boston, USA, 1946) is a legendary artist, who first garnered attention with controversial, self-endangering performances in the early 1970s. These works were often executed over several days for private audiences, which added to their mythical status. In Trans-Fixed, Burden had himself crucified on the back of a Volkswagen Beetle, while for Shoot he asked a friend to shoot him in the arm. After several intense years as a performance artist, Burden started to devote his time to creating sculptures and installations, for which he often delves irreverently into technology. Chris Burden lives and works in Los Angeles.

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Chris Burden
Kurator: Tessa Praun

22.09.12 - 09.12.12
08.02.13 - 02.06.13