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From the first movies of the early 1890s through those of the twentieth century, the public appeal and economic viability of movies have made film the most active and prolific medium of our time. Films have told stories, recorded disasters (both natural and cultural), inspired political movements, and constructed the myth and image of the American culture. The artists in CUT/Film as Found Object have manipulated the materials of their reality-both movies and news programs-to reveal the power of film to communicate and shape reality.

CUT/Film as Found Object features some of today’s most influential artists including Christian Marclay, Pierre Huyghe, Omar Fast, Michael Joaquin Grey, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Paul Pfeiffer and Douglas Gordon.

This exhibition explores the use of pre-existing film and recorded footage, through sampling and editing, to create unique and highly complex works of art. Whether through looping, repetition, erasure, or compression, their active manipulation of their medium recalls the importance that action was given by Richard Serra in 1967-68, when he published Verb List, a list of actions that a sculptor could use to create sculpture-“to roll, to crease, to fold, to cut,” etc. Clearly indebted to the appropriation strategies of the eighties, and sampling in hip hop and rap music in the nineties, the artists of CUT are united by what may be called a gestural use of the editing. By choosing to use pre-existing films, these artists supplant the typical authorial role of the Director with that of the Editor. They don’t need to shoot the film for they understand that the editing and shaping of what may already exist in the world is a more powerful and revealing act.

Artist Visit Christian Marclay will lecture at the Milwaukee Art Museum Thursday, August 11 at 6:15 p.m. Free with general admission. Sponsored by the Contemporary Art Society.

Christian Marclay Critically acclaimed musician and artist Christian Marclay explores the intimate relationship between sound recording, photography, video and film. His innovative work focuses on the way sound is experienced, recorded and translated into visual media.

Organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum, the exhibition is curated by Stefano Basilico, former MAM adjunct curator of contemporary art and coordinated by Margaret Andera, curator and department coordinator. The exhibition is presented by Friends of Art, with additional support from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin.


CUT/Film as Found Object
Organisation: Milwaukee Art Museum
Kurator: Stefano Basilico
Ort: Baker/Rowland and North Exhibition Galleries

mit Christian Marclay, Pierre Huyghe, Omer Fast, Michael Joaquin Grey, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Paul Pfeiffer, Douglas Gordon