press release

At the age of 10, Cato J. Dibelius’ first show will appear at the Grimmuseum in January 2013. Having grown up in San Francisco, Munich and Berlin, Cato has visited over four hundred exhibitions with his father, the artist Robert Barta. With this Cato developed a sophisticated approach to confronting art works. He learnt to look closely at art, remembering small details and cultivating vivid associations with individual works. From this the idea emerged to put a show together in which his favourite works were exhibited in the same space. Children’s perception is direct, associative and without expectations, based intuitively on elements such as size, form, colour. This exhibition engages with the question of how this influences their reception of art. What art appeals to a child’s mind; their personal preferences and immediate responses? By presenting a show curated by a ten-year old, this exhibition questions the criteria with which a young mind evaluates art. Cato’s favourite works stimulate the senses: they smell, they move, they are loud, they are colourful, some you can even eat. He likes art works that are humorous, works, where the original function of the object makes way for a peculiar re-interpretation. This exhibition is not a theoretical confrontation with art and artistic production, but rather one in which intuition determines the selection of works and their relationship to one another. From this exhibition, based on seeing the world from a different angle, we can also learn about our own perception of art: how do we see art, how much has our taste changed, and why these changes have occured with every individual?

Daddy YOU can't make a cactus...this has been done !
Kurator: Cato J. Dibelius

Künstler: Seb Koberstädt, Michael Sailstorfer, Thomas Behling, Rodrigo Oliveira, Roman Lang, Martin Pfeifle, Djuneid Dulloo, Jakub Moravek, Kristof Kintera, Emanuel Fanslau, Daniel Man, Michael Zheng, Julien Berthier, Michel de Broin