press release

Aug 7 – Sep 9, 2021

DANIEL CANOGAR | Reverberations

Galerie Kornfeld is pleased to present the solo exhibition "Reverberations" by Spanish-American artist Daniel Canogar.

Data drives the world we live in today, from our homes to our offices and slowly creeping its way into every aspect of our sense of self and life, so it is no surprise that the works of Canogar raise a very pertinent question of our times: is this data-driven society for the better or worse? Combining a variety of recent projects, this exhibition explores the many sides of this virtual coin. As one enters into the colour field movements of Canogar's sculptures and screens, one loses sight of the world one finds oneself in. Is it the world I can touch and feel, or the other, the one which exists in this complex virtual space that has profoundly infiltrated our society?

In fact, it is this tactile relationship between the “real” and “virtual” which Canogar is most interested in. Canogar's work thus captures how we interact with technology, and vice versa, how technology modifies our sense of the world around us and the social fabric of communication and connection.

His background in photography has informed his present highly visual artworks, creating seemingly unescapable worlds of his own creation, driven and sourced from data from the “real” world. For Canogar the digital sphere is not a static space to explore, but an ever-changing field, from the physicality of VHS tapes, DVD's, smart phones and hard drives, to the more fluid landscape of the electronic realm.

The works in the exhibition Reverberations explore themes such as the lifespan of consumer electronics and the evolution of digital information systems, real-time data of various natural phenomena, data streams as a representation of collective consciousness, and how data is consumed, processed and circulated online, amongst others.

Daniel Canogar (*Madrid 1964) Spanish American artist received a M.A from New York University at the International Center of photography in 1990, however, moving into an area of the projected image and installation art. He has a permanent art installation with LED screens including Aqueous at The Sobrato Foundation (Mountain View, CA, 2019); Pulse, at Zachry Engineering Education Complex in Texas A&M University (College Station, TX, 2018), Tendril for Tampa International Airport (Tampa, FL, 2017) and Cannula, Xylem and Gust II at BBVA Bank Headquarters (Madrid, 2018). And has had solo shows at the American Museum of Natural History, Sundance Film Festival, Wilde Gallery, Max Estrella Gallery and Anita Beckers Gallery.

The exhibition "Reverberations" is organised in collaboration with Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt.