press release

It is a great pleasure to present an exhibition with new drawings and paintings by David Shrigley.

Once entering the universe of David Shrigley it is very hard to escape. Here strange things happen in very surprising ways where the normality and boredom of daily life change into absurdity and humor.

Shrigley has a great ability to reveal the world around him in a darkly humorous way where we somehow recognize the situations although completely bizarre. As when ÒA headed worm faces death by hangingÓ, or when listening to this text by a figure caught between jaws: ÒThe monster has caught up with me at last and is about to eat me. I am not unhappy about this. I am old and the monster is starving.Ó

This show consists of two parts: In the main space Shrigley presents seven works consisting of paintings on wood that in some cases have character of road signs. According to the juxtapositions of the pieces these series create different meanings where some are intentional and some are not. The forms of the road signs have a special sign value but their normal content has been changed so that new significances are created. These series are slightly more minimal than earlier Shrigley works and might function as cut-up poetry where the distinct parts can be understood in many different manners.

The other part of the exhibition exists of twelve drawings done with black marker on paper that deal with the Shrigleyesque humor, thoughtfulness, melancholia and absurdity in a more classical sense.

David Shrigley lives and works in Glasgow. He has worked with Galleri Nicolai Wallner since 1996 and exhibited widely around the world. His work is represented in important collections in Europe and USA. Shrigley has published over 25 books, and three are published by Galleri Nicolai Wallner: "Hard Work", "To Make Meringue You Have to Beat the Egg Whites until They Look Like This" and most recently ÒBlocked PathÓ.


David Shrigley "I'm exhausted"