press release

Day to Day Data brings together a group of artists who take a methodical and scientific approach to questioning the world around them. Through the analysis and representation of the data they collect, they give a truly new and often amusing vision of our own daily existence

Abigail Reynolds will create a new installation in her series of work exploring the interlinking histories of words.

Ellie Harrison, will carry out a daily data feed to the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. Personal data collected from the previous day will be presented on a specially constructed and constantly evolving Display Wall.

Hannah Brown will issue her Daily Efficiency and Behavioural Analysis Checklists to visitors and test whether they can match up to her vision of the perfect day.

Adele Prince 'Shopping Trolley Study Helen Frosi will display her findings of Life:Lotto: a study into whether the winning Lottery numbers can be found in ciphers hidden in her coffee dregs and other miniscule daily occurrences.

Lucy Kimbell will carry out a live survey on the people of Nottingham. Vistors will be asked to respond to a question by removing and keeping objects from the six large perspex cylinders which form her Physical Bar Chart.

The web-based exhibition features among others Adele Prince's research into shopping trolley migration around Nottingham. See for more information.

Day to Day Data
Kurator: Ellie Harrison

mit Abigail Reynolds, Christian Nold, Ellie Harrison, Hannah Brown, Helen Frosi, Lucy Kimbell, Adele Prince, Jem Finer, Kevin Carter, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Orum