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After thirty extraordinary years of collaboration with more than six hundred artists, New York’s Dieu Donné Papermill continues to explore uncharted territory in the creation of works of art in paper.

And in its 180th continuous year of operation, the art dealership of C.G. Boerner, founded in Leipzig, Germany, in 1826 and today based in New York and Düsseldorf, is delighted to provide the platform for another such excursion into new realms. This fall our stock of master prints by such artists as Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, and Degas will make way for a concise—if necessarily hardly comprehensive—overview of some of Dieu Donné’s groundbreaking works of art. They represent some of the ways in which artists, many new to the medium, have explored the seemingly infinite potential of hand-papermaking as an art form.

The works on view in this new exhibition range from Robert Cottingham’s monumental linen pulp ‘paintings’ to semi-translucent word pieces by Mel Bochner, from Chuck Close’s multi-faceted pulp paper portraits (presented here in a series of working proofs) to the boldly colored pots of flowers by Donald Baechler, from Richard Tuttle’s serene triptych drawn in paper pulp to the forceful politicized images of Glenn Ligon and Juan Sánchez. Other major artists represented here are James Brown, April Gornik, Arturo Herrera, William Kentridge, James Siena, Jessica Stockholder, and Barbara Takenaga.

By presenting these works in a historic context we hope to reveal new perspectives on notable contemporary artists using Western papermaking techniques dating back to 1100 A.D.

The exhibition will be on view at our New York gallery at 23 East 73 Street, from September 7 to October 6, 2006.


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Dieu Donné Papermill - The first 30 years
An exhibition in honor of three decades of artistic innovation and collaboration

Werke von Mel Bochner, Chuck Close, Donald Baechler, Richard Tuttle, Glenn Ligon, Juan Sanchez, James Brown, April Gornik, Arturo Herrera, William Kentridge, James Siena, Jessica Stockholder, Barbara Takenaga