press release

DING DONG!, the first project by the Senseo® Art Initiative, supports emerging and innovative talents and presents their work about “Private Space” to the public. In early April, an exciting and productive mix of local and international artists from all fields will move into a former department store in Hamburg-Altona to live and work there. They will only be provided with a basic technical infrastructure and a lot of space. Hence, DING DONG! will be more than just a space to work in, it will also be a temporary home in an inspiring environment. Each of the artists will create a room which everyone knows from their own apartment: bedroom, living room, dining room, children’s room, bathroom and kitchen. DING DONG! will be open every day creating an urban, semi-public living room where a series of concerts, readings, parties and symposia will take place. By combining artistic work with constant input from outside by the visitors, DING DONG! allows for dynamic processes and turns art into an exciting event. And if you need a break from the creative input, just relax and enjoy the atmosphere of this unique place …

Veranstaltungsstätte: Ding Dong!, Große Bergstr. 172-178, Hamburg, Germany

Ding Dong! International Art Festival

Thomas Markus Schumann, Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, Neasden Control Centre, Nina Braun, Tillmann Terbuyken & Thomas Baldischwyler, Thorsten Passfeld, Nevan Lahart, Shiro Masuyama, Hüx´l XL , Stefan Marx, 56k , Nomad&mnsp;, FMSW  (Faller Mieth Stüssi Weck), Georg Kühn, Karsten Bott, Kenichiro Taniguchi, Hartmut Gerbsch, Sean Rooney, Messieurs Delmotte, Anneli Schütz, Tim John & Pia Kuhlemann, Moki , f18 Institut , Maike Mia Höhne, Miss Riel, Rupprecht Matthies, Anna Lopez & tisch 1, Eva Sauer, Anna Belle Jöns, Vanessa Nica Mueller, Susanne Bartsch, Katrin Horsch, Josephin Böttger & Peter Afken, Carsten Rabe, Felix Kubin, A&E, The Sorry Entertainers, Tulip die singende Tulpe , Wevie Stonder, Anton Silber & Stanley Ipkiss, Augsburger Tafelconfect , Swingin Swanee , Rockford Kabine, Mark Boombastik, Kai Müllenhoff, Hack Bumm / KJ Hübner, Frivolous , Kuku Sina Portnova, Barabass , Mariola Brillowska, Teddi Langbass, Fussel , DJ Kekse, Willson , DJ DSL , D-I-R-T-Y , Stachy aka Stacy-G, HGich.T , Tricks , Bric-a-Braque Box , Zachary Cale, Der Anfall 

Derek Richards, Christopher Müller, Corinna Koch, Doris Schuster, Friedrich Moehle, Jessica Broscheit, Daniela Beier, Kim Pörksen, Mikiko Sato, Stella Loewenberg, Thomas M. Schumann, Tim John, Tim Kaiser

Ding Dong! Große Bergstr. 172-178, Hamburg