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This first-ever survey of drawings from the MCA Collection charts the rich and varied landscape of the medium and presents many works, which may not conform with what might come to mind when thinking of drawing. The exhibition highlights the unusual materials -- soil, gunpowder, petroleum jelly, dried ficus leaf, among others -- that artists have drawn with and drawn upon along with diverse applications of the medium’s traditional form. A wide range of graphic styles is also featured. Highlights of the exhibition include the fourteen of the charcoal sketches South African artist William Kentridge used to shoot his animated film History of the Main Complaint (1995–96); sixty-four gouache-on-paper sheets that make up Sol LeWitt’s “portable” wall drawing One-, Two-, Three-, and Four-Part Combinations of Vertical, Horizontal, and Diagonal Left and Right Bands of Color (1993-94); and an installation of drawings for projects such as Claes Oldenburg’s Mouse Museum -- built by MCA preparators for his 1977 exhibition Mouse Museum and Ray Gun Wing -- and Max Neuhaus’s Sound Installation as installed in the MCA’s former facility.

Drawn into the World features approximately sixty works by artists such as Matthew Barney, Henry Darger, Kerry James Marshall, Ana Mendieta, Ed Paschke, Suellen Rocca, Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, Michelle Stuart, Nicola Tyson, and Karl Wirsum.

The exhibition is organized by MCA Curator Lynne Warren.


Drawn into the World
Kurator: Lynne Warren

mit Matthew Barney, Henry Darger, William Kentridge, Sol Le Witt, Kerry James Marshall, Ana Mendieta, Max Neuhaus, Jim Nutt, Claes Oldenburg / Mouse Museum, Ed Paschke, Suellen Rocca, Dieter Roth, Ed Ruscha, Michelle Stuart, Nicola Tyson, Karl Wirsum ...