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In this exhibition of Dutch Romanticism – a joint endeavour with the Rijksmuseum – the Kunsthal presents moving shipping disasters and storms, as well as intimate and poignant town views, interiors and landscapes. This nineteenth-century artistic movement enjoys international fame. ‘Dutch Romanticism’ is the first large comprehensive exhibition of its kind, revealing some surprises and inviting a reappraisal of the Dutch romantic movement.

Het Romantiek boek (The Romantic book) will be appear in Autumn 2004. Written by Benno Tempel, curator of the Kunsthal Rotterdam, with an introduction of Ronald de Leeuw, director of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. 448 pages, Waanders publishing.


only in german

Dutch Romanticism

Werke von Wouter van Troostwijk, Wijnand Nuyen, Andreas Schelfhout, Johannes Bosboom, Johannes Tavenraat, Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, Jan Weissenbruch, Jozef Israels, Willem Roelofs, u.a.