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Itaú Cultural presents the second edition of Emoção Art.ficial, the international event which comprises an exhibition and a symposium. Organized by Itaú Cultural's laboratory of interactive media. Itaulab, this event shows what is established and the new tendecies in the field of technological art.

Conceived as a biennial and bringing together presentations of several countries, this edition intends to be - in the words of its curators Arlindo Machado and Gilbertto Prado - an echo chamber of experiences and ideas from the world of art and technology.

Thirty works – including installations, sites, DVDs and CDs, – brought together under the theme Divergências Tecnológicas (Technological Divergencies), question the political use of technology, its ever increasing presence in daily life and its impact on society. The theme, proposed by the Australian critic and artist Jeffrey Shaw, Emoção Art.ficial 2.0 advisor, goes against the tide of hegemoniac artistic discourse.

The works criticize the current thinking that glorifies technology as a panacea for all the problems of the modern life. They also debate the creation of an exclusive technological elite that will spare the benefits of technology to a restricted group of privileged people. In this scenario, art appears as a standing point against new globalized technocracies. Instituto Itaú Culturall Pressetext

CURATOR TEXT The second edition of the Emoção Art.ficial exhibition and seminar takes as its theme a concept suggested by the Australian artist Jeffrey Shaw and a proposal defended by the Brazilian thinker Laymert Garcia dos Santos in his recent book Politizar as Novas Tecnologias (Politicizing the New Technologies).

This theme – Divergências Tecnológicas (Technological Divergences) – seeks to express an increasingly generalized feeling of dissatisfaction with apologetic speeches on technology, speeches that glorify the blessings of scientific progress, promote consumerism, when not directly marketing industrialized products, and usually take shape at the large number of international events dedicated to the relations between art, science and technology.

In a country like Brazil, geographically displaced in relation to the technology-producing countries and where access to technological goods is still selective and discriminatory, an event like Emoção Art.ficial 2.0 should necessarily reflect this displacement and this difference, at the same time serving as a resonance box for independent thoughts and experiments, the problem causers, in a word, the divergences happening all around the world, principally away from the centers of hegemony. Arlindo Machado, Gilbertto Prado Pressetext

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Emoção Art.ficial 2
Kuratoren: Arlindo Machado, Gilbertto Prado

mit Tania Fraga, Rejane Cantoni, Daniela Kutschat, Andrei Ujica, Johannes Fischer, Grupo Artecno UCS, Jean Gagnon , Anne-Marie Duguet, Suzete Venturelli, Mario Maciel, Katia Maciel, Oliver Ressler, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, Eduardo Kac, Davide Grassi, Igor Stromajer, Minerva Cuevas, Clemente Padin, Fran Ilich, Marcello Mercado, Jose Wagner Garcia, Dias & Riedweg, Giselle Beiguelman, Lucas Bambozzi, Knowbotic Research, Cícero Inácio da Silva, Maria Luiza Fragoso, Karen O´Rourke, Fred Forest, Paulo Bruscky, Antoni Muntadas, Anne-Marie Duguet, Simone Michelin, Coco Fusco