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Images taken from the contemporaneous media form the raw material for the art of Eulàlia Grau (Terrassa 1946). Since the early seventies, Eulàlia has been creating photographic montages and collages in the avant-garde tradition of an art committed to values that happen to be in crisis at the time of production of the work. She criticises the way in which the press at the time, in line with the political and economic powers, serves the interests of a controlled, censured, unjust and male-dominated society. The media propagates social models of cultural and economic dominance, as well as forms of ideological and physical violence. Eulàlia's work has become a document of a period of changes and crisis with uncomfortable parallels to the present. Her aesthetic option cannot be understood without her strong ethical commitment: it holds a prominent place among the artistic practices that make up the space of expression occupied by feminist movements at the end of modernity, and that are part of the changes in opinion that radically altered our society at the end of the Franco dictatorship and during the Transition that followed.

Eulalia Grau
I Have Never Painted Golden Angels