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Eun Nim Ro was born in Jeonju, Korea in 1946 and moved to Seoul with her family when she was fourteen. In 1970 she emigrated to Hamburg, Germany where she had worked for three years as a nurse. Afterwards, she studied art at Academy of Fine Art Hamburg under Prof. Hans Thiemann and Prof. Kai Sudeck. Eun Nim Ro has been a professor at the University of Applied Science Hamburg Design Department since 1990. She has also worked as a dean of Pentiment - artistic management of the International Summer - Academy for Art and Design, Hamburg since 1994. Numbers of her exhibitions have been held in Europe, North America, and Africa including Hamburg Kusnstverein, Regarding a Biennale of Peace, performed with Nam Jun Paik and Joseph Beuys in 1985. In Europe, Eun Nim Ro is acknowledged as a poet of the painting who bridges across Western expressionism and Eastern meditation. From an elementary atmosphere of contemplation or a state of ecstasy, a very vivid figurative language is produced. She can also be inspired by perceptive insights into Zen and Taoism. Her paintings always confront us with her search for meaning with apparently easy, sometimes laconic or humorous contents, often with a hint of an understatement. The viewer experiences her artistic expression as appeal to his own imagination in such a direct and aesthetic psychological manner. Her pictures not only deal with recollections of the past by bringing us certain things back to mind through our power of imagination, but rather her art bears testimony to our ability to recall the actual act of creation.

Eun Nim Ro mostly does her painting at her beautiful house in Michelstadt, Southern Germany. Through this exhibition her affectionate view toward nature is fully expressed in which you can hear sound of water and sound of birds.

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Eun Nim Ro