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The recent works from Barcelona based artist Francesc Ruiz is bringing site specific strategies into the world of comic books. In a new series of comic books called Soy Sauce, Francesc Ruiz makes the reader/visitor walk through the city hunting for the next clue. Each issue of Soy Sauce is only for sale in one shop in Barcelona and it's a different shop for every issue. The last page of each book tells you in wich store to buy the following book in the series. At the same time the urban heroes figuring in Soy Sauce are moving in the same streets and clubs - we get to know them while literary walking in their footsteps.

Soy Sauce was presented at Yeans together with two earlier works by Francesc Ruiz: "El Corte Inglés, el hotel Barcelona Sants", two gigantic Xerox-drawings that was glued directly on the wall. El Corte Inglés is a shopping mall in Barcelona and hotel Barcelona Sants is located next to the central station. "Esta es mi playa", a series of artist books by Francesc Ruiz with a post-party narrative from Barceloneta beach in Barcelona.

There was an artist talk with Francesc Ruiz at the opening night.


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Francesc Ruiz