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Gardar Eide Einarsson will stage a one-night performance of "Ship of Fools", a play written by Theodore Kaczynski while incarcerated for murdering four people and injuring many others. The performance engages with the theatre’s history as a vehicle for the avant-garde, and makes comment on theatre’s inert and ineffective role in contemporary cultural practice.

"Ship of Fools" is a parable about technology, apocalyptic drives and human progress - the same issues that fueled the bombing spree that Kaczynski was eventually jailed for. The staging highlights the relationship between ways of expressing political ideas and oppositional desires – from the socially sanctioned cultural product to the extreme act of violence – and how they both end up as contingent and even clumsy translations of these ideas and translations.


only in german

Gardar Eide Einarsson: Ship of Fools
10.01.06, 7:30 pm