press release

venue: Public space, Chemnitz /DE
public preposition / lob der menschheit / human praise
August 15 – October 25, 2020

The public project lob der menschheit / human praise by Mischa Kuball after Berthold Brecht, developed for "GEGENWARTEN I PRESENCES: Kunst Stadt Chemnitz", attempts to a so called 'litmus test' at two locations in Chemnitz City Centre - Brückenstraße and the Central Railway Station. Since August 2018 Chemnitz has gained international response on public riots in the dedicated areas for the project by right wing attacks against refugees. Public safety was under contest! - for the idea to turn urban space into a choreographic public stage, so that other urban/local actors can intervene, supplement or even comment. From all participants are expected to show a degree of respect and self-responsibility - the urban stage is just right for this. These thoughts are the basis for the idea to include further artistic positions with performances in the context of lob der menschheit / human praise. At the Central Station, the media façade is to serve as a second urban foil to display the contents of the Berthold-Brecht-Poems in excerpts, fragmentarily inserted into the urban image - admonition, intervention being both stimulus and excitement at the same time - Brecht's fragments are expanded by text excerpts from other authors, such as Hannah Arendt, Paula Irmschler and Jacques Lacan.

Contributors: Theater Chemnitz, Steffanie Esser, Kollektiv Glamnitz, Magda Decker, Patrick Wudtke, Fasskuto: Tobias Brunn, Tanzschule Köhler-Schimmel, Tilo Köhler-Schimmel, arts of the working class, María Inés Plaza Lazo, Zoo Kollektiv, Constantin Leonhard, Adrian Wähner, Love Foundation Dresden, Moritz Drobnitzky, Tizian Liebezeit, et al.

"Based on the observation that there are many presences – whose different perspectives and themes are negotiated in private spaces, such as the family or circle of friends, but above all also in public spaces – the exhibition project deals with the specific social, political, and urban issues of the City of Chemnitz. Art in public spaces can contribute towards finding hidden qualities, showing commonalities, linking these synergistically and thus tell both forgotten and new identities and stories. Furthermore, art is particularly capable of making these visible and tangible and of showing a city’s inhabitants alternative presences.“ (curatorial quote)

The exhibition project is curated by Florian Matzner and Sarah Sigmund and organised by the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz. It is an important contribution to the application for the title of European Capital of Culture 2025.