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Eröffnung: Freitag 29. Februar, 18h

The ARC programme for 2008 begins with a real event: the total takeover of its entire space by GELaTIN and all the extravagant, zany and bohemian individuals, gelatin calls on to contribute to its works.

After GELaTINs flamboyant appearance at the last Biennale di Venezia and their controversial contribution to Le Printemps de Septembre à Toulouse, they have finally arrived in the city of love to present their show “La Louvre - Paris”.

“La Louvre - Paris” consists of over three thousand works by gelatin and their vast and growing entourage. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, knittwork, ...materials ranging from caramel to wool, from cheese to toilet paper. Classic greek landscapes, portraits, furniture, lamps, jewellery, pottery, a joyously irreverent creation of an enormous, chaotic, proliferating universe, searching for a logic structure.

The exhibition catalogue will be a newspaper serving as a forum with texts by Oleg Kulig, Lawrence Weiner, Jacques Servin, Cerith Wyn Evans, Samuel Beckett, Midori Matsui, Franz West, Liam Gillick, Raymond Pettibon, Christoph Büchel and many more... for only 2 euros

ARC is also proud to announce the presentation of: “gelatins acb”, the big and well worth book about the first 100 years of gelatins works, shows and failures. “La Louvre - Paris” will be a present for the people of Paris and all art lovers who will travel to see it.

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gelitin  "La Louvre - Paris”