press release

A story within a story... is concerned with the possibility of imagining history as a participatory experience. In order to do so, the project will present works that look at history writing by unveiling the grammar of various sociopolitical junctures, rescuing events and their protagonists from historical oblivion and seeking to open up and expand readings of contemporary history. Taking Umberto Eco’s notion of the "open work" as a conceptual backdrop and curatorial methodology, A story within a story... will observe how history makes its subjects throughout multiples devices, questioning whether individuals and communities have the possibility to overcome certain historical narratives and presumptions by making relevant personal stories, inner worlds, and protagonists located within the margins of such narratives. Moreover, the project will explore history as a radical act by focusing on a socially engaged project, House of Words (HoW), which interrogates notions of storytelling, collective memories, and “publicness” from transnational and trans-historical perspectives.

Exhibition venues:
Röda Sten Konsthall / Göteborgs Konsthall / Hasselblad Center / 3:e Vaningen / K K P Galleri