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Gregor Schneider's first solo exhibition at a London gallery for thirteen years presents key photography and sculpture from the last decade. Gregor Schneider came to international prominence with Haus u r/Totes Haus u r in Rheydt (now a province of Mönchengladbach), a suburban German house which he has continually reconfigured and duplicated since 1985, in an ongoing project amounting to a "total work of art' or gesamtkunstwerk. Using machines, Schneider shifts walls, ceilings and entire rooms, to create an onion-like layering of shifting spaces whose original arrangement is progressively effaced. The artist has built rooms within rooms that precisely replicate one another; and parts of the house have also been doubled on a 1:1 scale and transposed into different locations. From the start of the project, Schneider has methodically photographed each room of Haus u r, and has also produced a series of photographs of the dark interstices between the rooms.

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Gregor Schneider
Fotografie und Skulptur
Ort: 69 South Audley Street, London