press release

ZINGERpresents is pleased to introduce Hydrophobia II. The exhibition takes a look at watercolour at a time of sound, video and installation art and seeks to confirm and challenge its position within contemporary practice. The versatility and richness of this liquid medium comes to the fore through the work of 16 young emerging artists.

Watercolour often seen and described as favourite pastime of the cornerstone of our society may well be the cornerstone of contemporary art with Charles Baudelaire alluding to Constantin Guys in his seminal Painter of Modern Life. This obscure Dutch born watercolorist was singled out by Baudelaire to represent the change in art at a time when Modernism started to flourish. Perhaps once more due to the directness and plethora of works on display we will again find ourselves assessing where we are and where we go within art as well as society.

Currently we see the return of this stigmatised medium on a larger scale as if the rabid has found its prey. Foaming from the mouth as its teeth sink to claim its position. Death of preconceived notions around the outdated position of watercolour is imminent and unavoidable. It seems that the viral disease has spread viciously to mainland Europe since Londons ’ Henry Peacock Gallery offered to function as a quarantine centre in 2003. Since then the number of artists has spread like a Fibonacci string and with a vengeance as if this medium will not let itself by tied down by its own stigmata.

The line up of artists is a testimony of all of the above with work from 16 artists on display each adding their own personal signature to this groupshow. With work ranging from the romantic heroics of Becks Futures winner Tim Stoner to the almost demure work of Frenk Meeuwsen via the brashness of Armen Eloyan. Expect all and more in Samuel Herberts’ dandyesque appropriations and Haddassah Emmerichs’ turns of time whilst the ever witty Markus Vater turns on the style for Gereon Krebber ’s vicious infected animals to perform.

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Tim Braden, Amy Cunningham, Armen Eloyan, Hadassah Emmerich, BC Epker, Flemming George, Gil & Moti, Samuel Herbert, Gereon Krebber , Francesca Lowe, Frenk Meeuwsen, Alex Geene Morrison, Tim Stoner, Markus Vater, Julie Verhoeven & Marcus Willeke