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Hyperactivité / Hyperactivity / Hyperaktivität

Hyperactivity is considered by the Summerlab as a pathology suffered by most people in our society, but also as a type of adequate reaction to take speed and exceed this frantic rhythm. If an enthousiasm without landmarks has emerged for novelty, never before have the cycles of life been so short, and never before have modifications intervened at such a fast rhythm. However, there is a flagrant contradiction in the fact that even though we have a profound aversion to repetition, we are more and more submerged by doubles, reproductions and copies, simulations and substitutes. This paradox generates an insatisfaction that can, in its own time, serve as a motor to push the logic of the system to its paroxysm all while trying to instill the missing meaning of urgency, in urgency.

Action, or its attempt, is therefore in opposition to productivity with the help of a massive dose of chimeric idealism. Reflection must be conducted outside of detachment, to be one with this urgency of action.

…eine Selbstlosigkeit, ein Vergessen seiner Distanz,-Etwas das ich mir nie verzeihe. Als ich fast am Ende war wurde ich nachdenklich über diese Grund-Unvernunft meines Lebens-den „Idealismus“… F. Nietzsche

Concretely, the Summerlab does not propose a pre-established program. The theme of the lab however will impose a constant rhythm of one opening a day which will take place in different areas of public spaces. The expression of hyperactivity will confront itself to common spaces, with the energy of an off space. By transposition, the exhibit spaces of the CAN will be transformed into a place for living, discussing, work spaces and festivities. On occasion, conferences and debates will take place in the “forum” created for this occasion. Besides urgency, the themes approached by the lab will turn frenetically around the questions of the neccessity of art, its meaning and its social and ideological implication, without stop.

The artists are invited to the CAN in residency to participate in the Summerlab and to develope a project in urgency and hyperactivity with reduced means. Different exterior spaces will be at the disposition of the artists, but they will be free to invest other spaces.

CAN in collaboration with Marks Blond Project R.f.z.K

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Hyperactivité / Hyperactivity / Hyperaktivität
Kuratoren: Daniel Suter, Arthur de Pury, Marc Divo, Alain Jenzer, Fabian Boschung, Markus Kummer, Marie Villemin, Marie Lea Zwahlen, Renaud Loda, Sandino Scheidegger, Luca Müller, Pekka Teemu ...

Künstler: Constance Allen, Ivan Argote, Julien Baillod, Massimiliano Baldassarri, Anthony Bannwart, Kyung Roh Bannwart, Dorotee Baumann, Nino Baumgartner, Fabian Boschung, Sarah Burger, Bury the Jumbo  (Otmar Trost, Stephan Haltiner, Sascha Graf), Dialogist-Kantor , Fabianna de Barros, Quynh Dong, Emmanuel Paxon Dupasquier, Ivan Liovik Ebel, Al Fadhil, Cris Faria, Donya Feki, Fred Fischer, Samson Guyomard, Francois Jaques, Markus Kummer, Renaud Loda, Florent Meng, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Julie Morel, Jon Merz, Collectif P4  (Cecile Boss, Sonia Kacem, Mickael Lianza, Eric Philippoz), Isabel Rohner, Ricardo Rozo, Anna Katharina Scheidegger, Manuel Schmalstieg, Laurent Schmidt, Eric Thomas, Jung Un Jang, Jean-Thomas Vannotti, Sebastien Verdon