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Ideal Exhibition is the most comprehensive presentation of Supergrupa Azorro's output to date. The title as well as the formula of the show implies, however, ironic approach to the very idea of retrospective. The exhibition includes a selection of video works as well as an archive.

The image of the world in Azorro's films is distorted and immersed in absurd. The artists humorously pose questions whether artists are allowed to do anything they feel like doing, whether art is over, or whether everything has been done before? Crucial for the concept of Ideal Exhibition is the creation of an archive that sheds light on their artistic work and methods, being at the same time a collection of seemingly useless artifacts and curiosities which have not been shown to the public before. The archive is an ironic comment typical of Azorro – mocking topical themes, the artists once again question the sense of artistic production and the condition of the artist in contemporary world dominated by art market.

Formed in 2001, the artistic group known as Supergrupa Azorro has been chiefly active in the realm of video art. The focus of Azorro's works is on the art world, as seen in galleries and exhibitions, among curators or patrons. Art itself is the subject matter of their activities. The group's activities are marked by irony, humour and, last but not least, grotesque – visible in the absurdity of presented reality and overstatement of problems. One of the main themes in their works is the avant-garde paradigm of originality and novelty in art.

The exhibition demonstrates, that the end of Supergrupa Azorro that has been talked about for some time, is mere rumour.

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Ideal Exhibition
Supergrupa Azorro 
Kurator: Joanna Zielinska

Azorro (Oskar Dawicki, Igor Krenz, Wojtek Niedzielko, Lukasz Skapski)