press release

İlkin particularly focuses on atmospheric optical perception and ponders on light, rays, refraction, dispersion, wavelength, multi-crystalline structures and resonance with her works. She demonstrates the climatic change caused by melting glaciers and snow burnt by gas through digital images, light boxes and stamps.

While in a state of turning from blue to a darker shade of it which is invoked by the reality of extinction by melting, the artist compares the helpless state of anxiety caused by the cooling and transformation process coupled by her feelings of an inevitable peace, submission, satisfaction and security, to death or being wasted away.

Even though she admits that producing works inspired by the geography, which we live in due to various reasons and conditions, is directly related to the concept of identity, İlkin is particularly elaborate in handling the matter of identity and geography from unconventional viewpoints and different parallels and meridians. She believes that matters related to subjectivity and belonging are autonomous and naturally compliant complex structures, which vary based on different points of view, and emphasizes the fact that atmospheric conditions in different geographies serve as a form of lens. Using these filters, İlkin puts individuals and geographies, and especially herself, under the microscope and shares the inner dialogue she experienced while freely wandering among dispersed reflections with the help of glasses of different colors.

ABOUT İDİL İLKİN İdil İlkin obtained her master’s degree in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design. In her works, she creates a rhythm and circularity between repetitive elements, just like sound, and ponders on the color-sound relationship as well as human body as an instrument. She also engages in experimental endeavors with her own voice.