press release

The Breeder is pleased to present the new body of work by painter Ilias Papailiakis. In this exhibition he combines diverse, art historical references with evident influences from events of Greek history whilst continuing with his fascination in examining the human body as a vehicle of desires. This series of works takes its cue from Dimitris Dimitriadis theatrical play The New Church of Blood.

Papailiakis┬┤ baroquely inspired paintings are often restrained in tone and frequently violent in subject matter, evoking cruel and riotous lifestyles of long-gone cultures. Rendered in oil on wooden boards, they accumulate diverse motifs and quotations from Flemish still lives, Peter P. Rubens , Western European iconography and contemporary descriptions of personal desires found in the internet, in juxtaposition with poignant moments in Greek history.

With this cycle of paintings Papailiakis expresses the violent straggle that emerges when conflicting parties come to power, the unwilling acceptance by those overthrown and the tensions created by such fierce changes. Collectively, they deal with the notions of society, the common search for spirituality and that of the human body as vessel of desires.

Born in 1970 and gained a BA in Fine Art from Athens School of Fine Art in 1996. Recent exhibitions include: Cassandra , Upstairs Berlin, Berlin(2005); Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow (2005); Vilma Gold, London (2004); The Breeder, Athens (2003); Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (2001); 49 th Venice Biennale, Greek Pavilion (2001).


Ilias Papailiakis
"Democracy is the Opposite of Ingratitude"