press release

Eleanor Antin, Lee Lozano, Adrian Piper, Mierle Laderman Ukeles
18.01.2020 - 17.05.2020 wurde verlängert bis 28.06.2020

The exhibition at K21 presents works by four first-generation American conceptual artists: Eleanor Antin (b. 1935), Lee Lozano (1930–1999), Adrian Piper (b. 1948), and Mierle Laderman Ukeles (b. 1939). To this day, their work deals with relevant sociopolitical and feminist themes, such as institutional critique, racism, identity and gender politics, as well as ecological issues.

The starting point of the exhibition is a series of hitherto rarely or never shown documents from the Archive Dorothee and Konrad Fischer, which substantiate Fischer’s contacts to women artists working in the realm of conceptual art during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Nevertheless, they hardly played a role in Fischer’s program, despite the fact that the influential gallerist was instrumental in establishing conceptual art.

Under the slogan I’M NOT A NICE GIRL!, four combative and innovative conceptual artists will be introduced. A critical reading of the archive material reveals structural mechanisms of discrimination within our society, as well as questions about hidden narratives in art (history). The artist Katrin Mayer (b. 1974) has been invited to develop a display from a feminist perspective for the archival material, exhibition spaces and accompanying publication.

The exhibitions on the Bel Etage are sponsored by Stiftung Kunst, Kultur und Soziales der Sparda Bank West.