Jan Sluijters (1881-1957)
Muse, model and mistress

Jan Sluijters is undoubtedly one of the Netherlands’ most important twentieth-century figurative artists. He owes his fame primarily to the many paintings of women he made, his favourite subject. The voluptuous portraits and nudes he painted of his beloved models frequently caused great commotion. Now, in the Kunsthal, visitors can marvel at several of Sluijters’ family members, friends and acquaintances, among them illustrious personalities from the cultural life of the day such as the painter Karin Leyden and the performance artist Annie Boucke. In the 100 and more paintings, prints and drawings on show, we can clearly identify his Impressionist, Luminist, Cubist and Expressionist phases, from which emerges a surprising picture of Jan Sluijters’ development as an artist. Most of the works are from private collections and have seldom been shown to the public. In addition, Jan Sluijters’ life, together with those of his muses, models and mistresses, is portrayed in photos from private albums.
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