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For his first solo project in the UK, French Berlin-based artist Jean-Pascal Flavien presents a new performance, entitled Cinonema, no drama cinema, followed by a three-day film installation of performative projections in the Clore Studio.

This new work expands on, and brings together, ideas that the artist has explored in a number of recent projects, specifically no drama house, 2009, a small house he built in the garden of a gallery in Berlin. The house was designed as a space to live in and, in the words of Flavien, “for the experience of positive situations such as working, writing, arranging furniture, inviting people for breakfast, but also reading, sleeping”. Cinonema, no drama cinema extends ideas Flavien reflected on in his 2011 performance project, PLAy which brought together debates around performance, film and the functionality of the “house” by producing its own cinema. This new project incorporates a series of micro-films that present an action-based gesture performed inside and outside the house, linking to explorations of the house and its surroundings, projected across the walls of SLG’s space and functional furniture. A limited edition poster by the artist will also be incorporated and be part of the installation.

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Jean-Pascal Flavien
Cinonema, no drama cinema