press release

Since the late 1970s the Canadian artist Jeff Wall has set about winning photography a respected place in the artistic world. His photographs are presented in large light boxes, which gives them an iconographic quality. His often controversial works frequently contain references to the history of art. This exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts looks at the cultural context of Wall’s photography. Wall himself has selected 25 of his photographs, taken between the 1970s and the present day. These are presented alongside the work of a number of modern and contemporary artists, including Duchamp, Arbus, Atget, Wols, Gursky, Claerbout, Struth, Stella, Smithson, Graham, Wallace, Wiener, and Fassbinder.

The Crooked Path
Kuratoren: Joël Benzakin, Jeff Wall

Künstler: Jeff Wall, Marcel Duchamp, Diane Arbus, Eugène Atget, Wols , Andreas Gursky, David Claerbout, Thomas Struth, Frank Stella, Ian Wallace, Rainer Werner Fassbinder