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Jeremiah Day / Michael Smith 19/01/08 - 23/02/2008


“In one of the first histories of Cape Cod there is a story that the Indians, when the first English ships arrived on the coast, weren’t sure at first what they were. They thought perhaps the masts were trees, and the ships were like floating islands, so they rowed over to investigate. They had boats too, dug out from tree trunks, but somehow the English ships were perhaps not recognizable to them. Architecture – the fabrication of space and form – was too far from their experience to be understood at first, to be seen. – And what did the English not see? Maybe they never saw something, and then never told us about it either, and we still don’t see it. What with all of our pictures do we not see?”

Opening on January 19th, Ellen de Bruijne Projects presents “The Fall of the Twelve Acres Museum” an exhibition of new work by Jeremiah Day. In a new slide-show installation, Day re-visits the landscape of New England through the vantage of the historic developments and recent political struggles of it’s native population – the Mashpee Wampanoag Indians. Interviews with Earl Mills - Chief Flying Eagle of the Wampanoags, stories of the recent political struggles of the tribe, and the music of a short-lived rock band from Cape Cod form the audio track, a counter-point to the drifting glimpses of landscapes presented in 6x6cm projected transparencies. The images weave the inter-relationship between local history and world history, fragmentary glimpses of sites of epic meaning, and those of more anonymous historical forces.

After an exhibition in 2005 in Dolores, and a solo-presentation with the gallery at Art Liste 2007 in Basel, this is Jeremiah Day’s first solo exhibition in the main space. Jeremiah Day was a participant at the Rijksakademie from 2003-4 after moving from Los Angeles. His work has been featured recently in the travelling exhibitions “We All Laughed At Christopher Columbus” at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and Platform Garanti, Istanbul, and “Ground Lost”, Forumstadt Park, Graz, and Galarie Nova, Zagreb. Day will have solo exhibitions in 2008 at Project Arts Centre, Dublin and Arcade Fine Arts, London.

Jeremiah Day
The Fall of the Twelve Acres Museum