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Jeremy Moon

Jeremy Moon (1934-73) read law at Christ's College. Taking up painting seriously in the early '60s he swiftly made his mark, as a teacher at St Martin's School of Art in its heyday, and as a regular exhibitor at London's Rowan Gallery alongside such artists as Bridget Riley and Phillip King.

From the outset his paintings were abstract, flat-coloured and geometric. But far from any severity, there is almost a Pop sensibility in a painting such as Battenburg whose square grid and colours hint at the sticky delights of marzipan and sponge.

These are bright and often jaunty paintings with a play between logic and irrationality, stillness and movement, the world of the picture and the world the picture inhabits. Organised in association with Hardwork

John Levinson

John Levinson (1949-79) read architecture at King's before taking the Advanced Course in painting at St Martin's. The exhibition focuses on his works on paper.

Levinson engaged with landscape and place, especially through travels to India, Africa and Australia, and the familiar Welsh holiday countryside. But this is not just the landscape as seen. In these deft and often witty vignettes, where a swan suddenly takes on the role of Leda, he plays with the capacity of myth, emblem, drawing and painting to mediate between our inner ruminations and the outside world.

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Jeremy Moon / John Levinson