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The audio and video works presented at Oboro were produced over the past two years. With this work, I am trying to seize words lost at the back of my mind, a fleeting memory that is resurfacing, a sudden alignment of obstacles that stand before my eyes—I am interested in banalystics, in the everyday trajectory of common human beings. What I am looking for is the moment when things come to a standstill.

And, of course, things go very fast. However, despite cellular phones, fourth left-lane overtaking and fast food, a single shifting gaze will make things slow down, will create small recesses in time. Time might be like a river running under a bridge, but the first sailor will tell you that a current is made of whirlpools, cross-currents, turbulence and still waters—time is not the same everywhere. I am trying to create small whirlpools that will stay still in the current.

Jocelyn Robert is a multidisciplinary artist from Quebec City. Known for his research into audio art, he has published seven solo records, participated in twenty others, presented installations and performances in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, as a solo artist or with others such as Diane Landry and Émile Morin or with collectives like Bruit TTV and Le Grand Orchestre d’Avatar. In 1993 he founded the artist-run centre Avatar, in Quebec City, which he directed until 2001. In February 2002 he received the New Image First Award at the media arts international festival Transmediale in Berlin, for his video installation L’Invention des Animaux.


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Jocelyn Robert - Catarina, et autres travaux récents